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Make Up Technology November 2021

Serum de teint is an oil-in-water emulsion, representing a tiny part of the complexion products market, unlike water-in-oil emulsions that have met consumers’ technical expectations to date, thanks to the use of silicones. 

La Cosmétothèque, August 2020

La multifonctionnalité de la Gomme Adragante et son innocuité sont des atouts pour la formulation cosmétique. A la fois utilisée comme booster sensoriel pour mais également pour ses propriétés rhéofluidifiantes, la Gomme Adragante doit être reconsidérée par la filière cosmétique…

March 2020, Partnership between Caragum and Farbest Brands

Farbest Brands has just partnered with CARAGUM International®, a family owned business headquartered in Marseille, France, that specializes in developing and manufacturing stabilizer systems for the food industry. CARAGUM International focuses primarily on developing stabilizers for liquid products, including beverages, flavored emulsions, and sauces.

Food Ingredients First May 2019

Caragum International® has taken a stake in Kemi Pine Rosins Portugal in order to consolidate its supplies of Ester Gum and strengthen its leadership in the market of GEWR-E445 and GEGR-CG116…

Endeavour June 2018

An article about our GLYCEROL ESTER OF WOOD ROSIN – CARAROSIN BG CG389 – E445 and the story of Caragum International®….