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set yogurts

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stirred yogurts

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drinking yogurts

First of all, our Yogurts stabilizers systems are designed to reveal their optimal synergies with dairy. Then, the goal is to strengthen the protein matrix and maintain the texture of your products. That is why we create stabilizers systems based on hydrocolloids selected to maintain the balance of your products.
Thus, our stabilizers systems will allow you to formulate cost effectives recipes while maintaining the organoleptic properties of your yogurts.

CARAGUM International® develops a stabilizer system which has the ability to gelify with the calcium ion present in the milk. Indeed, it will forms a network link by calcium and come to reinforce the lactic gel. This network will entrap water and will help the protein to stabilize the fat globule. It will also compensate the raw material variation which can occur.

Thanks to the R&D Center works, we make it possible to strengthen the gel network, improve the firmness of the product despite a low protein content, and provide a good viscosity to yogurt. For stirred yogurts, we can reduce the syneresis and limit the separation of whey.

As a conclusion we design a stabilizer system based on a polymerized gelatin. The stabilizer confers a unique viscosity to stirred yogurt, closed to Greek yogurt.

  • Optimize the texture
  • Avoid the syneresis
  • Creaminess/Mouthfeel
  • Resistance to the heating process
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