Carafibre natural soluble prebiotic acacia gum

First of all, Carafibre is a natural soluble prebiotic acacia gum, GMO free. Then it contains soluble fibres up to 90%. We supply it in two different ways : both purified and pulverized in fine and granular powder.

In addition, it can be used in various applications such as beveragesconfectionery, bakery and pastry. But also in Dairy, cereals, food supplements and finally in dietetic specialties.

CARAFIBRE provides great features for human nutrition

Therefore, consuming 10 to 15 grams per day increases the amount of lactic acid and thus the number of Bifidobacteria. Moreover, 95% of this fibre is absorbed by the human body. In addition, consuming this natural soluble prebiotic acacia gum improves digestion. It also prevents intestinal symptoms and increases the work of the intestinal flora.

Changes in eating habits tend to lower daily fiber intake. In developed countries, it is estimated that the average daily intake of dietary fiber is 12 g, which is insufficient. Indeed, a contribution of at least 30 g per day is recommended because the dietary fiber is essential to the proper functioning of the intestinal transit. Dietary fiber is present in plant foods, fruits, vegetables and cereals in particular. Dried fruits, such as prunes or dried apricots, are particularly rich.

Cereal Bars

Moisture regulation
Binding agent
Provides a lighter texture
Use level : 4-10%


Brings smoothness
Prevents crystallization of the ice
Partially replace fat & sugar
1% in Yogurts


Extends shelf life
Improves crispiness
Smooth the surface of the cereal flake Improves mouthfeel – Use level : 2-6%


Presents a high resistance to Acid pH & heat treatment – Prevents from sugar


Improves smoothness and mouthfeel
Use level : 1-2%


Extends shel life
Improves texture – Use level : 1-3%

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