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Cosmetics Natural Alternative to synthetics polymers

CARAGUM International® has opened its Cosmetics Natural Alternative division to promote the POLYNAT®T11 : its vegetal solution.

For the past few years, we have noticed a change in consumer behavior that influences their beauty routine and their purchasing act. Indeed, the Clean and Green Beauty trends are part of the strong demand for naturalness that requires brands to adapt. Then, the unprecedented pandemic brought to the world a virtual standstill and has only confirmed one essential point: “the buyer will consume in a reasoned way based on selective and demanding criteria for his well-being”. The social network Pinterest* confirms this trend and has even identified among the top five searches on its app are, “natural everyday makeup” and “naturally glowing skin”.

It’s the beauty industry as a whole that has been transformed over the past almost two years. Skinimalism is becoming a recurring habit in beauty routines. First of all, the average consumer budget has shrunk and refocused on cleaner formulations. A brand that claims a reduced INCI list, natural and vegetal ingredients as well as a greater transparency will sustain its clientele and attract other consumers. Hybrid makeup products combine readable and short formulas with a multi-functionality that is increasingly essential.

In response to this trend, CARAGUM International® launched POLYNAT®T11 in 2020. It is a 100% plant-based mixed gum consisting of a water-soluble fraction (tragacanthin) and an insoluble fraction (bassorin). It will perfectly stabilize a multitude of galenics.

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