Dairy stabilizers systems

A very wide range of applications for dairy

First of all, we offer a complete range of dairy stabilizers systems that allow us to fight against syneresis. That’s why, CARAGUM ® offers an adapted customization according to your needs and your equipment.  Indeed, our Lab Center is continuously seeking solutions to your product development.

Our dairy stabilizers systems results :

Fat substitutes
– Short and long lasting stability.
– Food Gels.
– Creamy texture.
– Improves the taste in mouth but also the lifetime of the product.
– Reduces syneresis in yogurts.

Example of dairy stabilizers systems and for what applications you can use them :

Whipping cream

Preparation for ready to use whipping cream
Improves texture and smoothness
Low fat
Use with milk or water
Easy to make
Reduce production costs

Puddings - Mousse

(Dosage : 0,3%)
Preparation for powder light chocolate mousse which guarantee a perfect smoothness and a good stability of the foam Improves mouthfeel and flavors diffusion Reduce syneresis and bring a great texture in mouth
Brown color

Chocolate Milk and Milkshake

Stabilizer for chocolate milk
Hold particles in suspension (+ flavor milk)
Dosage (0,025%)
Uniform suspension of cocoa particle : dosage 0,15-0,20%
Easy to make – Mouthfeel
Smooth – Flavoured

Ice creams - Sorbets
Thickener & stabilizer for ice cream
Gives a fine and unctuous texture
Dosage 0,3-0,7%
Thickener & stabilizer for fruit ice cream Dosage 0,5%
Use in water lollipop because of its anti crystallizing action

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