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Lab Center

CARAGUM International ® invested in its Lab Center in order to remain efficient. Then, being in total adequacy with the process used in the food industry through its quality department was a necessity.

Thanks to the fully equipped Lab center, our team works daily on improving and creating natural innovative ingredients for food and cosmetics.

CARAGUM International ® provides permanent technical support to our customers around the world by helping them in the development of their projects (coating, beverages, pastry and bakery, meat, etc.). We have the ability to reproduce these specific process.

Quality and innovation are the engines of our Lab Center

The reasons of the development of our tool are varied. First of all, we noticed many changes in the tastes and demands of the customers. It was imperative to replace raw materials unfit for consumption. We also want to be more competitive in the market with the creation of our Cosmetics division.

We will extend the Research and Development Center

Caragum International® has moved in its new Headquarters near Marseille. The main reason is that we need to triple the storage surface and build a more eco-responsible warehouse. But the other reasons is that we need to extend the Lab Center. Indeed, the R&D department will have in its heart two separate laboratories : one for the food division, one for the cosmetics unit.

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