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As a responsible and committed player, Caragum International® is involved in respecting fundamental rights and reducing the social, environmental and ethical impacts of its purchasing process.

Muriel Tur

Purchase & Financial Director, Caragum International®



Our responsible committments are :

Respect the freedom of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining.

Contribute to the elimination of all discrimination in employment.

Give help to abolish child labor.

Eliminate all forms of forced or compulsory labor.



CARAGUM International® is committed to eliminating or minimizing potential environmental hazards, and to designing products and services that take environmental considerations into account.

The company applies its waste collection and treatment policy at all levels within the company. For example, dedicated wastepaper garbage cans are available to employees, and waste related to common equipment (water fountains, coffee machines, etc.) is recovered and recycled by the company’s suppliers.

We also pays particular attention to :

Rationalization of printing: reduction of the volume of printing (black and white, double-sided, systematization of the preview before printing…), collection and recycling of consumables (paper, toners, cartridges), reuse of unused printed paper as drafts or notepads, visual logo inviting not to print at the bottom of each email.

Management of workstations : eco-responsible purchases, organization of the end of life of equipment, reduction of electricity consumption (systematic programming of prolonged standby time, etc.).

Employees benefits from the payment of part of their public transport fare. In addition, carpooling and other modes of transport such as cycling are encouraged and are beginning to develop.

The supplier complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. The supplier makes every effort to approach the best practices in environmental protection. In particular, it is committed to protecting nature, maintaining biodiversity and ecosystems, combating the depletion of natural resources, and sound management of waste and toxic substances.

The supplier shall minimize its impact on the environment and reduce its energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption, as well as its use of non-renewable natural resources or non-environmentally friendly products.

The supplier adopts the precautionary principle in approaching environmental problems. It detects, identifies and evaluates potential environmental risks and takes all appropriate measures to mitigate or eliminate them where possible.

It strives to limit nuisance to local residents, to reduce its energy consumption, discharges into the water, air and soil, and waste generated in the various stages of manufacturing, transport, on-site installation, marketing of products and services, and waste disposal.

The supplier has mechanisms in place to monitor and minimize emissions of noise, dust, odor, particulate matter and other local pollution sources. In all of its practices, the Supplier shall strive to reduce waste, as well as optimize recycling and reuse of materials.

The supplier works to take into account and reduce the impacts of its products, or those it uses, in their overall life cycle, from design and production to use and end of life.




CARAGUM International® and its suppliers are committed to the principle of fairness in order to establish and maintain trusting relationships. The supplier conducts its business in accordance with the principles of honesty and fairness and applicable regulations regarding competition and prohibition of corruption in business transactions.

Our goal is to treat all suppliers, regardless of their size or field of activity, honestly and fairly and in accordance with the principle of fair and open competition.

Suppliers implement and maintain governance based on

Respect for the interests of stakeholders.
Compliance with legislation and regulations.

Our responsible committments are to select our Suppliers on the basis of objective criteria and requires them to fully satisfy its expectations and those of its clients.

We expect from our suppliers to adopt the principles of this Charter for themselves and to apply them to their own suppliers.



Suppliers promote and respect the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and international human rights law. They are not complicit in human rights abuses. Thus, the supplier must put in place mechanisms to ensure that the following principles are respected

Abolition of child labor.
Elimination of forced and compulsory labor.
Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
Elimination of discrimination and fair treatment in the workplace : the supplier undertakes not to exercise any distinction, exclusion or preference based on race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin, which has the effect of destroying or altering equality of opportunity or treatment in employment or occupation (ILO Convention C111).

Compliance with all applicable laws regarding wages, benefits and working hours : The supplier shall comply, as a minimum, with all regulations regarding wages and working hours, including those regarding minimum wage, overtime pay, piecework wages and any other element of remuneration. In addition, the Provider shall provide the benefits required by law
Freedom of association, protection of the right to organize and collective bargaining (ILO Convention C87).

Protection of health and safety at work : the Supplier ensures that its activities do not harm the health and safety of its employees, its own suppliers and the local population. The supplier provides its employees with appropriate protective equipment.