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Caragum International® offers through POLYNAT®, an innovative solution that meets consumers demands for naturalness, without compromising the effectiveness and performances of your formulations.

Jean-Claude Tur

CEO, Caragum International

POLYNAT® is an exudate obtained from the mucilaginous sap of the Astragalus Gummifer, the majority of which is produced in Minor Asia. The roots and lower stems of this bushyshrub are split. Immediately the Gum is harvested from April to September in the form of ribbons, then pulverized into a fine powder.

Tragacanth gum

Scientific name : Tragacanth Gum
INCI name : Astragalus Gummifer Gum
Botanical family : Fabaceae
Geographical origin : Minor Asia

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Green beauty


POLYNAT® acts as a sensory activator. It brings soft and shiny textures to creams, and transparency to your gel. These properties were evaluated by a study on a panel of ten volunteers who appreciated the appearance of aqueous gels and then applied them to the back of the hand. This texturizer allows you to formulate a good gel texture, making it perfectly soft and shiny, with a smooth after-touch.

evaluation sensorielle

polynat certifications
  • Cold soluble
  • Compatibility with electrolytes
  • Excellent stability to pH
  • Rheofluidifier
  • Gelling agent
  • Sensory properties
  • Stabilizer
  • Suspensive agent
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