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Stabilizers & thickeners for sauces and seasoning

We offer a range of stabilizers for Sauces and seasoning. First of all, we let us provide our customers with our expertise to develop customized solutions. This is why we offer solutions adapt to all sauces productions. 

Stabilizers for Sauces ans seasoning : A guaranteed microbiological safety

The compliance with the specifications allows us to work according to Optimum production conditions

Our applications 

Our R&D and Lab department has launch a range of thickeners for Salad Dressings.

  • This mix allows to produce a salad dressing without eggs, creamy and only 25% fat.
  • Increases mouthfeel and creaminess.
  • Improves stability even in low fat products.
  • Extends shelf-life.

Indeed, we provide stabilizers systems for Mayonnaise in which eggs are used. Three different recipes, depending on how much fat you want.

But our R&D Center has also designed egg free recipes which can contain from 5 to 25 percent of fat.

  • Tailor-made stabilizer systems to produce egg free mayonnaise.
  • Improves mouthfeel and creaminess.
  • Increases stability and extends the shelf-life.

Several mix for Ketchup and Barbecue sauces :

Using a hot process, the goal of our scientists is to reduce the amount of tomato concentration by maintaining the texture.

  • Stabilizer system made to produce low dry matter for ketchup.
  • Brings thickness and pulpy texture.

To conclude this portfolio review about our range of thickeners and stabilizers for all type of seasonings, here are some additional recipes that we propose to our customers :

  • For Burger sauce.
  • For Pitta Kebab sauce.
  • For « Algerian » sauce.
  • For Samuraï sauce (spicy).
  • For Sweet and Sour sauce.



Thickener and stabilizer for mayonnaise Several mix without eggs (from 5 to 25% of fat). An other mix which allows to obtain a traditional mayonnaise with a very unctuous texture, and a very good taste of egg.

Cold process

Dip sauces

This mix allows to obtain a sauce mayonnaise with body and texture using only 25% fat. 

Additional point : without egg

Salad dressing

This mix allows to produce a salad dressing without egg, creamy and only 25% fat.

Cold process

Tomato sauce

Thickener and stabilizer for ketchup
Reduce the amount of tomato concentration
Maintain the texture

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