In order to provide consumers with the same drinking experience as fully sweetened beverages, texture must be replenished in the formulation. Without stabilizer systems, beverages and especially juices can appear thin and lack substance.
Our Stabilizer systems are added to these beverages to ensure particle suspension, improve texture and viscosity, and density adjuster.


Fruit Juices and flavoured milk

Stabilizer for juices and flavored milk
Keeps fruit pulp in suspension
Pectin substitute

Powder fruit drink
Stabilizer for powder fruit drink Strengthens flavour encapsulation
Ready to use powder drink
Hot drinks

Preparation for ready to use Cappuccino Preparation for ready to use chocolate drink
Foaming Agent for Cappuccino

Acacia gum

Stabilizer and emulsifier for all types of liquid and flavoured emulsion Dosage from 25-30% to 5-7%
Base for spray-dried flavors and emulsions

Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin - Glycerol Ester or Wood Rosin E445

Weighting agent Effective emulsion stability in Beverage
In compliance with the food additives regulation of FAO/WHO and European Union (2012/231/CE)
–  Origin EU

CMC replacer : Carajuice CG230

Stabilizer system for juice and flavoured beverages
Thickener for high viscosity juice
Cost optimization (compared to CMC)
Easy to dissolve in the water/juice Avoid problems of lump that often occurs with CMC

Pectin replacer : Carapec CG227

Stabilizer system for juice and flavoured milk
Supension agent for the fruit pulps in juice
Stabilizer for flavoured milk
Cost optimization (compared to pectine)


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