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Texturizers and gelling agent for dairy

We offer a complete range of stabilizer systems for dairy products that first allow us to fight against syneresis. That’s why, CARAGUM ® offers an adapted customization according to your needs and your equipment. 

Results :

Fat substitutes
– Short and long lasting stability
– Food Gels
– Creamy Texture
– Improves the taste in mouth and the lifetime
– Reduces syneresis in yogurts.

Example of applications for dairy

Whipping cream

Preparation for ready to use whipping cream
Improves texture and smoothness
Low fat
Use with milk or water
Easy to make
Reduce production costs

Puddings - Mousse

(Dosage : 0,3%)
Preparation for powder light chocolate mousse which guarantee a perfect smoothness and a good stability of the foam Improves mouthfeel and flavors diffusion Reduce syneresis and bring a great texture in mouth
Brown color

Chocolate Milk and Milkshake

Stabilizer for chocolate milk
Hold particles in suspension (+ flavor milk)
Dosage (0,025%)
Uniform suspension of cocoa particle : dosage 0,15-0,20%
Easy to make – Mouthfeel
Smooth – Flavoured

Ice creams - Sorbets
Thickener & stabilizer for ice cream Gives a fine and unctuous texture Dosage 0,3-0,7% Thickener & stabilizer for fruit ice cream Dosage 0,5% Use in water lollipop because of its anti crystallizing action