Caragum International® worked on stabilizers and thickeners for meat. In particularly, on cold emulsion technology in meat industry. A good example to illustrate this technology is the mortadella. This is a meat product based on meat or blend of meat from beef, chicken…, where pieces of fat and spices are dispersed. In food technology we talk about a polydispersed system.

The classic formulation of a fine cold emulsion product is a blend of meat, fat and water bring by ice, stabilize by technical ingredients. According the product you need, you can adjust the formulation to design low protein or low fat product for example. However, you have to pay attention to the technical ingredients you use.

The CARAMEAT mimes the muscles proteins network and enhance the emulsion stability. The high amount of water catches by the carrageenan and fiber allow to get best yield and give the opportunity to design cost effective recipes.

Processed Meat

Improves the cooking yield
Gives a better sliceability
Gives a desired juicy consistency

Whole chicken - Chicken breasts & legs

Weight gain of approximatively 25% by injecting brine into the muscles
Provides a good cohesiveness and a juicy final product

Chicken sausage - Pork sausage

A low cost quality sausage based on mechanically de-boned meat
Provides a cohesive texture
Extends the shelf life
No syneresis


Improves cooking performance and freeze-thaw stability
Reduces the risk of syneresis during cold storage
Provides a positive impact on mouthfeel
Great release of flavours