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Stabilizers & thickeners for sauces and seasoning

We offer a range of stabilizers for seasoning. First of all, we let us provide our customers with our expertise to develop customized solutions. This is why we offer solutions adapt to all sauces productions. 

Stabilizers for sauces : A guaranteed microbiological safety

Our compliance with the specifications allows us to work according to Optimum production conditions

Our applications : 

Mayonnaise, low fat mayonnaise different (traditional, 60%, 25% or 15% fat.), ketchup.

A mix of hydrocolloids designed to ensure the stability of these emulsions in water.

Condiment sauces: 25% fat.

Burger type – Kebab Sauce type – Ketchup type


Thickener and stabilizer for mayonnaise Several mix 15% of fat (6) 25% (3,7) Full fat (0.5)

Dip sauces

Stabilizer system for sauces with 25% of fat Tailor made spicy sauce
With our without eggs

Salad dressing

Thickener and stabilizer for salad dressings (0,1-0,5%)
Thickener and stabilizer for the manufacturing
of salad dressing with 25% of fat

Tomato sauce

Thickener and stabilizer for ketchup
Reduce the amount of tomato concentration
Maintain the texture