Stabilizers and thickeners for beverages

About us Stabilizers and thickeners for beverages

To offer consumers the same drinking experience as fully-sweetened beverages, the texture must be reconstituted in the formulation. Without stabilizer systems, beverages – and juices in particular – can appear thin and lack substance.

Our stabilizer systems are added to these beverages to ensure particle suspension, improve texture and viscosity, and adjust density.

Stabilizers and thickeners for beverages

Fruit juices and flavoured milk

  • Stabilizer for juices and flavored milk
  • Keeps fruit pulp in suspension
  • Pectin substitute
Juice powder

Juice powder

  • Stabilizer for powdered fruit juices
  • Enhances flavor encapsulation
  • Ready-to-use powder drink
Flavored milk

Flavored milk

  • Stabilizer for chocolate milk
  • Uniform suspension of cocoa particles
  • Avoid chocolate sedimentation

CMC replacement: Carajuice CG230

  • Stabilizing system for juices and flavoured drinks
  • Thickener for high-viscosity juices
  • Cost optimization (compared with CMC)
  • Easy to dissolve in water/juice Avoids the lumping problems that often occur with CMC.

Pectin substitute: Carapec CG227

  • Stabilizer system for juices and flavoured milk
  • Suspensive agent for fruit pulps in juice
  • Stabilizer for flavoured milk
  • Cost optimization (compared with pectin)
Acacia gum

Acacia gum

  • Stabilizer and emulsifier for all types of liquid and flavoured emulsions
  • Dosage from 25-30% to 5-7%.
  • Base for spray-dried flavours and emulsions
Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin-E445

Glycerol ester of Wood Rosin-E445

  • Weighting agent
  • Effective emulsion stability in beverages
  • In compliance with FAO/WHO and European Union food additive regulations (2012/231/EC).
  • EU origin

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