Research & Development

Formulation and production of food stabilizers systems

R&D Laboratory - Quality Control

Thanks to the R&D Laboratory, our team works to improve and create innovative, tailor-made ingredients for a wide range of applications.

CARAGUM International® provides ongoing technical support to its customers worldwide, helping them to develop their projects (coating, beverages, pastry and bakery, meat, etc.). We have the capacity to reproduce these specific processes.

Hydrocolloid-based stabilizing systems

Customized functional ingredients

and innovation


Quality and innovation are the driving force behind our laboratory

Founded in 2000, our R&D laboratory embodies innovation and constant exploration of the scientific world. With a history spanning two decades, we are determined to push back the boundaries of knowledge and catalyze breakthroughs that shape the future.

Our multidisciplinary team of seasoned researchers and young creative minds work together to tackle complex challenges and propose innovative solutions. We are driven by a passion for discovery and a commitment to scientific excellence.

The Lab Center stands out for its collaborative approach, encouraging the exchange of ideas and creating an environment conducive to innovation.

CARAGUM International® is proud of its two decades of excellence in research and development, and is committed to continuing its mission of scientific exploration, always at the forefront of discovery and innovation.

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