A roof for bees

CARAGUM International® is the sponsor of “Un toit pour les abeilles”.
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History of the association

For several years now, the bee population has been declining at an alarming rate, with some regions seeing a total disappearance. In France, over 30% of bee colonies disappear every year.

As a result of this “massacre”, 15,000 beekeepers have gone out of business in the last 10 years. That’s why we want to highlight the salvation of bees. The Caragum International® hive is located in the majestic Queyras region of the French Alps.

Colony Collapse Disorder is the sudden disappearance of bees from hives, with no trace of dead or living bees nearby.
Pesticides are thought to be the main cause of central nervous system damage, but this is probably due to a combination of factors (parasites, predators, habitat modification and resource scarcity, climate change, etc.) and pesticide cocktails.
As bees play a key role as pollinators, this syndrome is of great concern and has serious consequences for our entire ecosystem, both environmentally and economically.

Its disappearance would be a real catastrophe for nature and human beings. We know that 80% of crops depend on the action of pollinating insects.

Become a partner

Sponsorship allows us to participate in the protection of bees and the development of colonies. It means supporting local, artisanal and sustainable beekeeping.