Tailor-made functional ingredients for the food industry

For over 20 years we have been experts in the formulation and production of stabilizer systems for the food industry. Thanks to our R&D department, we create and supply solutions for all types of food applications.

Our Stabilizers systems

Ester Glycérique de Colophane de Bois-E445

Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin-E445

Stabilisants et épaississants pour boissons

Stabilizers and thickeners for beverages

Fibrecoat - Barrière naturelle filmogène pour produits frits

Fibrecoat - Natural film-forming barrier for fried products

Stabilisants pour analogues de fromage

Stabilizers and Texturizers for Cheese analogues

Epaississant pour sauce et assaisonnement

Stabilizers and Thickeners for Sauces and Seasonings

Stabilisant pour patisserie et boulangerie

Stabilizers for Pastry and Bakery

Agent d'enrobage

Coating agents

Stabilisants et gélifiants pour produits carnés

Gelling and Stabilizing Agents for Meat and Plant-based Meat

Stabilisants pour produits laitiers

Stabilizers for Dairy

Aromes personnalisés

Innovative and Customize Flavours

Carafibre - Prébiotique soluble naturel de Gomme d'Acacia yaourts brassés

Carafibre - Natural soluble prebiotic Acacia Gum

Ingrédients fonctionnels pour yaourts

Stabilizers for Yogurts

CARAGUM International®


Formulation of customized and innovative solutions.


Two laboratories and an application kitchen enable us to reproduce specific processes.


Guarantees of the highest quality standards for our entire product range.