CSR policy

CARAGUM’s ethical, anti-corruption and environmental code.
Table of contents

Code of ethics

Ethical behavior defines the principles and values to which CARAGUM International® adheres, and which must guide each employee in the day-to-day exercise of his or her profession. Ethics, respect for people, proximity, loyalty, social responsibility, transparency and responsiveness are the fundamental values of CARAGUM International® in the conduct of its business.

This Code of Ethics applies to all employees (officers, directors, managers, employees, etc.) as well as to all persons with whom the company is associated, such as customers, suppliers, advisors, auditors, consultants, subcontractors, agents and other intermediaries representing the company.

Our ethical commitments

Anti-corruption code of conduct

Corruption is the act of a person vested with a specific function (public or private) soliciting or accepting a gift or advantage of any kind with a view to performing, or refraining from performing, an act within the scope of his or her duties. A distinction is made between active bribery (offering the gift or advantage to the person in charge of the specific function) and passive bribery (acceptance of the gift or advantage by the person in charge of the specific function).

What we do

Environmental policy

CARAGUM International® is aware that respect for the environment is an essential element in the management of its activities. That’s why we strive to manage and control the environmental aspects and impacts generated by our business. The Board of Directors has therefore committed itself, through the following environmental policy, to carrying out its activities in two main areas.