About us

CARAGUM International® is a French company specializing in the formulation and production of innovative ingredients for the food and cosmetics industries. We are present in over 51 countries through a solid network of 28 distributors.

We are now a major player in the GEWR BG CG389 (E445) and GEGR CG116 markets. Over the years, our know-how has enabled us to specialize in stabilizers and thickeners for beverages and aromatic emulsions, gelling agent and stabilizers for plant-based meat, dairy and many types of food applications.

We have also developed CARACHEESE, a wide range of premixes for the production of cheese analogues.

We moved into our new headquarters and production facility in May 2022 to triple our storage space and R&D laboratory, all in a more environmentally-friendly building.

Our history

The 50 years of experience of its founder Jean-Claude Tur in the food industry has enabled CARAGUM International® to develop expertise in the formulation and the manufacturing of hydrocolloid-based functional ingredients.

Thanks to our R&D laboratory, our team works to create innovative ingredients for all types of food applications.

We provide ongoing technical support to our customers worldwide, helping them to develop their projects.

At CARAGUM International®, we firmly believe in sustainable practices, and our commitment to the environment drives us to source responsibly and implement eco-friendly initiatives, contributing to a greener future.

Our certifications

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