FIBRECOAT – Natural film – forming barrier to frying oils

CARAGUM ® has developed FIBRECOAT, a film-forming barrier for fried products. It reduce by 25%* (according to the study of Iterg) the lipds absorption of fried breaded products.

This ingredient should be sprayed on top on the piece to be fried. This way it creates a coat that protects food from the bad effect of frying oil.

A film-forming barrier for fried products

Finally, it also slightly enhance organoleptic properties of the fried breaded products, by improving the crunchiness.

Composition: Vegetable fibre
Origin: Natural, GMO-free.
Declaration: Vegetable fibre
Powder form Soluble fibers, non digestibles


Coating of the matrix : – Predust-batter-breadcrumbs
Predust : – T45 flour
Spraying 25% FIBRECOAT aqueous solution at 1 bar. 1st cooking: – Deep fryer/180 °c/2mm
Minimum freezing 12h 2nd cooking: – Frying pan/180 °/3mm per side Extraction : – Hexane/Iso


Reduced the lipids absorption of fried breaded products : 26,4% reduction of fat content
Improves crunchiness
Slightly enhance organoleptic properties of the fried breaded products

Fibrecoat spray


Made up of 100% natural seaweed extract and vegetable fibres. Preparation of donut dough for fried chicken. The product should be directly added to the tempura mixture. The pastry will form a network and will prevent the frying oil from soaking the piece of food. Reduction of 20% of the fat content.

Fibrecoat tempura

Fibrecoat cover brochure
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